Welcome to Sheoak Ridge Nature Reserve

Formerly known as the “Noli Block”, Sheoak Ridge was sold as useless land because the topography and vegetation cover were not conducive to agriculture.

One man’s Trash is another man’s Treasure

We are also now officially part of the International Humane Society’s Wildlife Land Trust – Australia. Go to http://www.wildlifelandtrust.org.au/index.php/sanctuaries/queensland/443-sheoak-ridge-nature-refuge to see our listing. If you own land, we recommend you join up today!

Since its purchase in 2000, Sheoak Ridge is seen in a very different light by its owners and is now highly valued for its ecological diversity.  In its 165 acres you’ll find open eucalyptus woodlands, riparian rainforest, melaleuca wetlands, billabongs and complex ecotones. Needless to say, with this much diversity in habitats, there is also great diversity in wildlife. Read more on the property in Nature – Flora and more about our wildlife in Nature – Fauna.

It’s impossible for this website to ever be 100% complete because nothing ever remains the same and we will always find new things to share with you.

Simply click on the links below or navigate using the tabs above (eg Nature, Education, Volunteering…).  If you notice two completely different styles, that’s because Claire created some pages and Marcus the others…and we’re still creating more!

Enjoy the info and pics of our special place and who knows, maybe we’ll show you around in person one day 🙂

Claire & Marcus

We are now on Facebook. Simply search for “Sheoak Ridge Nature Reserve” on facebook and click “like” to get an insider’s view of what goes on here 🙂 Or click here for link.

Nature – Fauna

A wide variety of habitats support a great diversity of wildlife.  From the common platypus to the rarely seen chestnut-breasted cuckoo, they are all here. Open Page >

Nature – Flora

The nine ecosystems + ecotones present at Sheoak Ridge are home to a huge range of plants. From dry country grass trees to strangler figs. Open Page >


There is only so much you can learn from text books and apps. Anyway, getting your hands dirty is much more fun and memorable.  Open Page >


Every Year, international students become members of our family for a couple of days. See what they experience.  Open Page >

Bush Camping

Many people enquire about the possibility of camping on Sheoak Ridge. Now we have a little spot where you can.  Open page >


If you’ve got the right skills and and a whole lot of enthusiasm you could put it to use and give us a helping hand. We’ll make sure you leave with unforgettable memories.  Open page >

Guided Walks

It’s much more enjoyable when you are in the company of someone who can answer your questions and knows where to go.  Open page >

Wildlife Rescue

Orphaned baby animals are SO cute, but it takes a lot of resources, time and effort to return them successfully to the wild. Open Page >

Movies, TV and Photography

If you’re looking for a location, a consultant or presenter, talk to Claire.  If you need something carried to the set, talk to Marcus. Open page>


Ranging from tropical edibles, to the rare and endangered, to Australian natives, the gardens at Sheoak Ridge are more than just for aesthetics.  Open Page >

Milfred the Toilet Creeper.

***All images used on this site are copyright to Sheoak Ridge. Permission from the authors must be obtained before use.***

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  1. Hi Claire and Marcus, looks like a magic place you have, looking forward to visiting one day! Pete and Libby

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A private nature reserve in North Queensland