The Lagoon

People often ask us, where do we go swimming? Well this is one of our favourites! The lagoon adjoins Sheoak Ridge and can be reached via a short walk through our property. The walking track is private – guests only.

Molloy Lagoon
The picturesque lagoon

The water is deceptively deep and drops off suddenly from the slippery bank, so we strongly advise that only competent swimmers enter the water. In 16 years we haven’t found a single leech or crocodile there, just a lot of other native wildlife and the occasional wild horse or cow. In our opinion the biggest risk is sunburn, as it’s so relaxing to float around in the cool water while you get burnt from above. But rather than using sunscreen that pollutes the water try wearing a hat, and a shirt if you’re going to be out there for a while.

Americans can't do anything quietly. Cooling down after a day of study.
Cooling down after a day of study. (Americans can’t do anything quietly.)

As the lagoon is within the Mowbray National Park, the same rules apply here as in all National Parks. So please – Take only pictures, and leave only footprints. No overnight camping is allowed at this site (fines apply). The lagoon is also a perfect place for bird-watchers and other nature enthusiasts. We’ve seen a lot of wildlife around the waters edge and in the surrounding bushland, but you have to be quiet to find it. On the reeds around the Southern end is the best place to find the Jewel Flutterer. This has to be one of the most stunning dragonflies in the world.

Jewel Flutterer at Molloy Lagoon
Jewel Flutterer at the lagoon


Enjoying cheese and wine at the lagoon at sunset
Enjoying cheese and wine at the lagoon at sunset (no overnight camping allowed – police and NP officers patrol this area frequently and fines apply)

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A private nature reserve in North Queensland

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