Bugs’n Stuff – Insect workshops for primary and high school classes

Primary school and high school teaching:

Bugs’n Stuff – Insect workshops that come to you in far north Queensland!

Do you want to get up close and personal with insects? Dr Claire is able to visit your classroom at school with a car load of insects and fascinating information for students. Part of the workshop involves students handling many different species!img_6563img_5845

Claire has worked extensively with school-aged students since 2004 as a presenter for a SEQLD school-based education program, Bugs Ed**, but a few years back developed a new format and brand new workshops through her own company, Bugs’n Stuff. She has visited schools from the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine coast, Mackay, Townsville, Innisfail, Cairns region, Atherton Tablelands and for seven years she traveled out to schools in the Gulf of Carpentaria in far north Qld (Doomadgee, Mornington Island, Normanton, Karumba, Croydon, Gregory Downs and Burketown).

Please contact Claire via the contact us page on this website for more information, costings and inclusions.

Dr Claire's Bugs'n Stuff workshops use a variety of teaching methods aimed to stimulate your students to learn about living things and the environment.
Dr Claire’s Bugs’n Stuff workshops use a variety of teaching methods aimed to stimulate your students to learn about living things and the environment.


Dr Claire is a trained entomologist, studying and working with insects for over 20yrs and thus has a wealth of bug-related information to share with you. She can fit her workshops around the school curriculum or specific themes/topics requested by teachers. Recommended workshops for each year level:

Prep/Foundation year: Workshop: “Living Insects”
Year 1: Workshop: “Living Insects”
Year 2: Workshop: “Insect Life Cycles”
Year 3: Workshop: “Living insects” or “Insect Life Cycles”
Year 4: Workshop: “Insect Life Cycles II” (more advanced)
Year 5: Workshop: “Insect Adaptations”
Year 6: Workshop: “Insects and Ecosystems”


High school workshop themes:

Year 7: Workshop: “Classification of Class Insecta”
Year 8: Workshop: “Physiology of Insects”
Year 9: Workshop: “Insects in Ecosystems”
Year 10: Workshop: “Evolution of Class Insecta”

Year 11 & 12: Learn how to make a professional insect collection!! These workshops go over pinning and setting techniques with students and includes classification of insects for accurate labeling.

Another popular workshop is “Entomophagy – the delights of eating insects!”, so be sure to ask if you are interested in more information on this fun and interactive workshop.

Children’s tv shows Scope, Totally Wild and Toasted TV have also featured Dr Claire as a guest presenter for programs on entomology and caves. Claire was also the scientific advisor on two BBC documentaries, meaning she got to work with her hero, Sir David Attenborough!

Working with her hero, Sir David Attenborough was a dream job for Dr Claire.

**If you are based in southeast Queensland, please contact Michelle at Bugs Ed, as Dr Claire’s Bugs’n Stuff program only visits schools on the Atherton Tablelands, Gulf of Carpentaria, Cape York and Cairns region**


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