Green banded blue Nacaduba cyanea

Being an entomologist, Claire has a particular fascination with the terrestrial invertebrate fauna on Sheoak Ridge. We’re starting to compile a list, but as you can imagine, this list is probably never going to be comprehensive. These are just a couple of the invertebrates Claire has seen here:

TERRESTRIAL INVERTEBRATES (far from comprehensive)

Velvet worm – Peripatus
Giant centipede Ethmostigmus sp.
Polydesmid millipede- Polydesmida
Pill millipede – Sphaerotheriida
Scrub itch mite – Trombiculidae
Paralysis tick – Ixodes holcyclus
Cattle tick – Boophilus microplus
Wallaby ticks (spp.)


Admiring a golden orb spider (Nephila)
Admiring a golden orb spider (Nephila)

Whip spider Ariamnes sp.
St Andrew’s Cross spider Argiope sp.
Bird dung spider – many spp.
Wolf spider Lycosa spp.
Whistling spider Selenoscosmia sp.
Water spider Dolomedes spp.
Jumping spider – Salticidae – many species, including many ant mimicking jumping spiders
Silver dewdrop spider Argyrodes sp.
Golden Orb Spider Nephila sp.
Silver camel spider Leucauge sp.
Northern jewel spider Gasterocantha spp.
Net-casting spider Deinopsis sp.
Lynx spider Oxypes sp.
Garden Orb spider Eriophora sp.
Huntsman spider Holoconia, Heteropoda and Typpostola spp.
Crab spider many spp.
Daddy-long legs Pholcus sp.
Leaf-curling spider Phonognatha sp.
Flower spider
Swift ground spider Supunna sp.
Magnificent spider Ordgarius sp.
Spotted ground spider Storena & Habronestes spp.


four o'clock day moth caterpillar
four o’clock day moth caterpillar

Ulysses butterfly Papilio ulysses
Birdwing butterfly Ornithoptera priamus
Blue triangle butterfly Graphium sarpedon
Green triangle butterfly
Green-spotted triangle Graphium agamemnon
Macleay’s swallowtail butterfly
Four-barred swallowtail butterfly
Checkered swallowtail butterfly
Clearwing butterfly
Glasswing butterfly Acraea andromacha
Blue tiger butterfly Tirumala hamata
Wanderer/monarch butterfly Danaus plexipus
Orchard swallowtail Papilio aegeus
Cairns hamadryad Tellervo zoilus
Bushbrown butterfly Mycalesis terminus
Tailed emperor butterfly Polyura sempronius
Common Crow butterfly Euploea core
Blue-banded eggfly Hypolimnas alimenta
Blue argus butterfly Junonia orithya
Varied eggfly butterfly
Grass-yellow buttefly Eurema spp.
Red-banded jezabel Delias mysis
Dingy bush-brown
Leafwing butterfly
Lurcher butterfly
Meadow Argus
Australian Rustic butterfly
Green banded blue Nacaduba cyaneaIMG_2696

Woodmoth Cossidae
North Qld Day/Zodiac moth Uraniidae
Geometrid moths (man species)
Australian 4’o’clock day moth Dysphania numana
Hercules moth Saturniidae
Gum moths Saturniidae
Tiger moth Arctiidae
Granny’s cloak moth Noctuidae
Hawk moth Sphingidae
Anthelidae caterpillars (very hairy)

The largest case moth I have ever seen!
The largest case moth I have ever seen!

Sawflies – Pergidae
Paper wasp – Vespidae
Potter wasp – Vespidae
Cuckoo wasp – Chrysididae
Ichneumonid wasp – Ichneumonidae
Flower wasp – Scholiidae
Digger wasp – Sphecidae
Spider wasp – Pompilidae
Hatchet wasp – Evaniidae
Gall wasp – Torymidae


Carpenter bee
Carpenter bee

European honey bee – Apis melifera
Native bee – Trigona spp.
Blue-banded bee – Amegilla sp.
Carpenter bee – Xylocopinae

Valentine ant – Crematogaster sp.
Jumper ant – Myrmecia spp.
Iridomyrmex (many species)
Spider ants – Leptomyrmex sp. x2
Giant foaming ant – Bothroponera sp.
Genial killer ant – Leptogenys sp.
Northern Common Sugar ants – Camponotus sp.
Strobe ant – Opisthopsis sp.
Silver bum ant – Polyrhachis spp.
Black Beauty ant – Calomyrmex sp.
Native Big-headed ant – Pheidole spp.
Funnel Ant – Aphenogaster sp.
Muscleman tree ants


Netwinged mantis
Netwinged mantis

Hooded Horror/Giant Mantis Hierodula atricoxis
Net-winged/leaf mantis Neomantis sp.
Garden mantis Orthodera sp.
Grass mantis
Bark mantis Amorphoscelidae

Jewel flutterer

Painted Grasshawk Neurothemis stigmatizans
Saphire flutterer Rhyothemis princeps
Blue-tail damselfly Ishnura sp.
Silver wisp Agriocnemis argentea
Graphic flutterer Rhyothemis graphiptera
Giant petaltail Petalura ingentissima


Owlfly Family Ascalaphidae
Owlfly Family Ascalaphidae

Antlions Myrmeliontidae
Owlfly Ascalphidae
Lacewings Chrysopidae
Mantisfly Mantispidae

Shield bug Pentatomidae
Migrating seed bug Lygaeidae
Harlequin bug Scutilleridae
Water scorpion Nepidae
Assassin bug Reduvidae – Emesinae
Green vegetable bug Pentatomidae
Aphids Aphididae

Northern double drummer cicada – Thopha sessiliba
Bladder cicada –

Cicada emerging from exoskeleton
Cicada emerging from exoskeleton

Whirligig beetles – Gyrinidae
Rove beetle – Staphilindae
Passalid beetles – Passalidae
Rhinoceros beetle – Xylotrupes gideon
Dung beetles (wallaby sp) Scarabidae
Christmas beetle Calloodes spp.
Fireflies – Lampyridae
Piedish beetles – Tenebrionidae
Weevil (many species) Curculionidae
Longicorn beetle Cerambycidae
Giant diving beetle –
Grey Backed cane beetle – Dermolepida albohirtum
Ladybirds – Coccinellidae
False fire-worm beetle Tenebrionidae
Leaf beetle Chrysomelidae

Cranefly – Tipulidae
Mosquito – Culicidae
Robberfly – Asilidae
Horsefly – Muscidae
Hoverfly – Syrphidae
Bushfly/housefly – Muscidae
Fruitfly – Tephritidae
Vinegar fly – Melanogaster sp.
Flesh fly – Sarcophagidae
Long-legged fly – Dolichopodidae
Beefly – Bombyliidae
Stilt-legged fly Micropezidae

Caddisfly – Tripchoptera


Spiny leaf stick insect
Spiny leaf stick insect

Spiny leaf insect – Exatosoma tiaratum
Wulff’s stick insect – Acrophylla wuelfingi
Graceful stick insect – Denhama gracilis
Red-winged stick insect – Podacanthus viridiroseus
Beautiful Malanda Stick insect – Malandania pulchra

Marcus and a spiny katydid (Phricta sp.)

White-kneed king cricket – Papuaistus sp.
Wait-awhile cricket/katydid Phricta sp.
Leaf katydid – Tettigoniidae

Wood cockroach – Platyzosteria sp.

Spinifex termite – Nasutitermes triodiae
Arboreal termite (yet to id)

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