Buff breasted paradise kingfisher
Buff breasted paradise kingfisher

So far we’ve recorded 110+ species of bird, but we’re still constantly adding to the list, so stay tuned for our final count. We find each of our unique ecosystems harbours a different subset of bird species and have recorded everything from water birds to rainforest specialists.

Rainbow bee-eater with a freshly caught bee at Sheoak Ridge Nature Reserve
Rainbow bee-eater with a freshly caught bee at Sheoak Ridge Nature Reserve

Orange-footed scrub fowls noisily roam the rainforest, scratching at the leaf litter with dogged determination, while the magnificent buff-breasted paradise kingfisher arrives from PNG each year around November to breed and nest in the abundant termite mounds. Other rainforest birds include whip birds, catbirds, rifle birds, chestnut-breasted cuckoos, superb fruit doves, wompoo fruit doves and emerald doves & scrub wrens… just to name a few.

Forest Kingfisher
Forest Kingfisher

In the open woodland ecosystems, we always see a variety of honeyeaters, tree creepers, kingfishers and finches – far too many to succinctly list here (see the full bird list for details). The delicately framed lovely and the red-backed fairy wrens, often sighted nesting in the long grasses, are always a favourite for our visitors. The low, rumbling growls of the great-billed herons can be heard as they nest in the tall blue gums around the property. Charasmatic displays from lorikeets, rosellas and cockatoos are also always a highlight for our visitors. One of my personal favourites is the rainbow bee-eater. A simply stunning bird with acrobatic flair. I could go on and on here about our birds, but check out our species list for more details. Please contact us if you’d like more information about birdwatching tours in the area.

Download this xls document if you want the full list as it currently stands: VertebratefaunalistSheoakridge2

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